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As mentioned, Saturday I cut out a new chemise to work on for sewing day yesterday, to have something easy to abandon if [ profile] misspeachum wanted help with her sewing (first sewing day at Amanda's, where the teapot is never big enough, the volume of conversation is never appropriate, and the jokes are always filthy! I think she'll come back...). As it was, Tessa was perfectly competent without much input from the old people (us), so I got a good bit of it done yesterday despite continuous yakking, and finished it today. Well, finished sans silk ribbon I'm going to thread through the neckline lace, for decoration and for keeping the thing on. Had to order 2mm ribbon, as the lace is cheapo joann's-on-a-spool, with teensy holes that aren't really meant to have a ribbon threaded through. I will fight you, lace. You're getting ribboned!

(Technically I didn't really need another chemise as I could have worn the late-18thc-shift, which is good Wear With Everything underwear. But I'm not often in the mood to make chemises so I figured I'd take advantage while I was!)

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And I must be conservative in my taste in (Victorian) underwear, because I like wearing chemise and drawers better! Heh. Well, now I know?

They don't quite fit on Mabel, so you only get boring hanger-pictures. Not that there's really any way to make pictures of combinations exciting. Well, and be work-safe, I guess. LOL.
victorian undergarment
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I also put the waistband on the skirt today - accomplishment! Mostly machine topstitched...except the pleats at the very back wouldn't fit under the machine so that got hand sewn, hahaha. I need to trim the back of the skirt, as it currently has a bit of a sweep (no), but I'm going to wait on that and the hem to see what petticoat I end up wearing with it/if I have time to make the proper late-1890s petti. I know I'll trim it too short if I do it now! That's just my life.

So, as the shirtwaist pattern hasn't arrived yet, I guess it's on to the hat tomorrow? I made a paper mockup today to make sure the crown and brim did fit together (they didn't; I bullied them into playing nicely!). Unless I have a brilliant idea in the next few days, I'm probably going to use the rest of the navy/hunter shot taffeta I bought for my New Castle bonnet...I wanted to splurge on some nice velvet but couldn't decide on a color! So I decided to stick with the stash. (This is me being good. Ish.)

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So! As a slight change of pace today (blue flannel skirts are in fact kinda boring) I decided to finish off those combinations. Which I did! No pics though, as one of the bulbs in the sewing room lights burnt out and I was too lazy to get up on a chair tonight to switch it out. So, pics tomorrow. It's amusing how they feel slightly scandalous in both historic and modern mindsets...modernly because they're open crotch, and historically because they're slim-fitting, bifurcated underwear! Slim-fitting compared to, you know, an 1860s chemise, anyway... ;)

After the combinations, I decided to tack the crinoline into the hem of the skirt rather than put the waistband on, as tacking a band of crin required basically no brainpower, and a waistband required a bit more. Impressive how much more the skirt stands out already! Buckram would be even more impressive, but I wasn't sure buckram wouldn't be overdoing it for 1898 rather than mid-90s, so I bought crinoline instead, as it's a little lighter.  I could probably have gotten away with buckram in this skirt (crappy Joann's, not actual substantial buckram) but I'm happy enough with the crin.

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They're easy to put together but I always have to make everything more difficult! In this case, I decided I wanted some tucks and lace on the leg cuffs. Didn't measure the tucks so one cuff is reasonably spaced, the other one I screwed up somehow and so is HILARIOUSLY unevenly spaced. Oh-so-briefly thought about unpicking, decided against it. They're still very nice deranged cuffs... The lace is maybe a little excessively fussy when the plain fabric and unassuming neck/sleeve trim are taken into account. But I wanted to have nice drawers on display when I fall over while skating! ;) Not to mention all the flat-felling (which, btw, are not included in the directions, or any other type of seam finishings. Why you would want to leave raw seams on an undergarment...I have no idea). Hopefully I can get them finished tomorrow.

I seem to sense a cold brewing, so, that's great timing... noooo I have so much to sew!!
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Despite spending entirely too much time chatting online with my local friends while we watched and discussed the mummers on tv today (yes, it's a Philly thing, and yes, it's weird), I did work on my combinations for an hour or two. I'm using the TV pattern, and I did read the instructions...but I think they put the facings on and sew it all together in a weird order, so I'm ignoring the directions. As usual. ;) I basically can't follow directions at all when it comes to patterns...
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What else can I say? It's a corset cover, it does what it's supposed to, and it's finished. So, yay?

(Man, look at the crap fit on the bottom front of that corset. Actually, don't!)

Now, to pack! (Or...later, to pack.)
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I've finished a good chunk of the corset cover today - put my pattern pieces that I'd made for the too-small bodice to good use and chopped them up to get a pattern for a corset cover! Seems to have worked reasonably well so far; I trimmed off the tails and ignored the darts and took off the high neckline and called it Good Enough.

I made it of linen, mainly because I had 11 yards of linen on top of a pile whereas I couldn't find the couple of yards of nice joann's muslin that I'm still pretty sure I have left. Somewhere... Whatever, I like linen better anyway.

I did consider sleeves - those tiny little sleeves you often see on corset covers and chemises that are more like sleeveless chemises got snobby about things - but that sounded like work, so I decided, not. Plain old sleeveless corset cover. "Plain" being a relative term, because apparently plain underwear in late Victorian times was just about a felony offense. So I put somewhat-crappy-joann's eyelet round the neckline and am in the process of putting it around the armscyes too. I think I can finish that tonight, then tomorrow I just have to put the neck drawstring in and do the buttons/buttonholes. Not Bad.


5 Nov 2013 10:16 pm
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More specifically, that chemise to wear with my 1860s ballgown. It's 95% machine sewn - and sloppily - and if I ever made another one, I'd make the underarm gussets bigger. Also it's made out of a sheet.

But it exists, and that's the important part!

(And I will try it on with the dress before I take it to Gettysburg, because that might end in a tragedy otherwise...)

And now I'm doing some bonnet construction before bedtime.


23 Aug 2013 11:46 pm
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Realized I only had to attach the flounce to the petticoat and it would be finished (stop meebling and just sew!), so I managed to do that before work today. Woo, it's done!

And then I realized that, like 90% of the other petticoats I've made, it was too long. Just above my ankle, which will inevitably hang out the bottom of my skirt. Which is not classy. And as I am nothing if not classy, I took a rather derpy-looking tuck above the lace insertion, which looks, well, derpy, but was a very easy fix!

Annnd back to working on the corset, sigh...
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Today I sewed up a good chunk of my natural form petticoat. I'm using TV170...sort of. *points to post title* Some deviations are on purpose, some because, well, I read the directions once and then put them aside. And then ignored these "words" and "numbers" on the pattern pieces as well.

The purposeful deviation was to use lace insertion on the back lower half of the petticoat; the pattern calls for tucks, but I just did tucks on the combinations, and they're time-consuming and annoying to sew!

Because lace insertion isn't time-consuming or annoying to sew. Right.

(For those of you playing along at is.)

Anyway, the main bit of the petticoat's put together. It just needs a waistband, and to figure out what I'm doing for the ruffle.

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