14 Jan 2017

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And I must be conservative in my taste in (Victorian) underwear, because I like wearing chemise and drawers better! Heh. Well, now I know?

They don't quite fit on Mabel, so you only get boring hanger-pictures. Not that there's really any way to make pictures of combinations exciting. Well, and be work-safe, I guess. LOL.
victorian undergarment
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I also put the waistband on the skirt today - accomplishment! Mostly machine topstitched...except the pleats at the very back wouldn't fit under the machine so that got hand sewn, hahaha. I need to trim the back of the skirt, as it currently has a bit of a sweep (no), but I'm going to wait on that and the hem to see what petticoat I end up wearing with it/if I have time to make the proper late-1890s petti. I know I'll trim it too short if I do it now! That's just my life.

So, as the shirtwaist pattern hasn't arrived yet, I guess it's on to the hat tomorrow? I made a paper mockup today to make sure the crown and brim did fit together (they didn't; I bullied them into playing nicely!). Unless I have a brilliant idea in the next few days, I'm probably going to use the rest of the navy/hunter shot taffeta I bought for my New Castle bonnet...I wanted to splurge on some nice velvet but couldn't decide on a color! So I decided to stick with the stash. (This is me being good. Ish.)

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