1 Jan 2017

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Let's seeeeee...

I'm not going to count all the things I apparently started and didn't finish, oops. As usual.

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My list of intended sewing for this year? Let's see.
Things I Want to Sew in the New Year But Probably Won't (2016 edition)
- UFOs. This just stays on the list! Uh...the cross-barred anglaise technically was a UFO?
- At least one new outfit for Williamsburg. Details on this still need to be worked out, so I'm not completely certain I'll be able to do it, just money-wise, but if I possibly can I will! Also probably a nice capelet, mitts, and sundry other things I'll inevitably decide I need. We didn't end up getting it together for a W'burg trip, so I didn't really need any 18thc fancies
- The brocade 1760s sack! If I go to the Francaise dinner it'll be for that; if not it can go to Williamsburg. Nope. Think this is coming off the list, since I'm not looking to need any 18thc fancies this year either
- A snuggly pelisse. I was very inspired by the recent War and Peace trailer! I want it for my birthday (because I can always bully Robin into ice skating with me even if no one else will) and for the Washington's Birthday celebration at Allaire later in Feb. Shame that W&P turned out to be HORRIBLE (except for hot hot James Norton! but the women's costumes were tragic) so I really stopped being inspired to finish my pelisse, although it's three-quarters finished
- A Pre-Raphaelite gown for [personal profile] miss_philomena's birthday outing. I wanted to make one of those regardless, and this is a nice reason to! (I was going to wait another year to let my hair get longer, but ah well.) I'm counting this since I did make the undergown!
- Sooper seekrit 1890s group project...still possibly! Nope! Still have fabric but taking it off the list.
- Finish the slightly scandalous Neoclassical gown. Every once in a while I go back and sew about 2" on this, but still nope.

Rather bad, but the Big Costume Trip didn't happen this year, so plans shifted. And I'm happy with what I did make! I just really like making lists, let's be honest here. ;)

Things I Want to Sew in the New Year But Probably Won't (2017 edition)
- UFOs. This just stays on the list!
- 1898 winter outfit for ice-skating. I've (barely) started the corset and combies, but this is basically a skin-out outfit that I have a month to do...gonna be interesting!
- Black-and-white 1882 dinner dress for Mick's after-party at Belvidere in September
- Possibly new ballgown (late 1850s, with tiers of black tulle) for Gettysburg Remembrance Day
- I'd like to try branching out into 1850s and late 1860s/elliptical, but I have no idea if I'll have time for that, so it's anything but definite. Eventually! ;)
- More modern skirts & dresses, and a pair of trousers or two. By "modern", I mean mostly 1950s! Someday I'd like for my entire wardrobe to be vintage, but that's a very long-term prospect! Chipping away at it though.

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Despite spending entirely too much time chatting online with my local friends while we watched and discussed the mummers on tv today (yes, it's a Philly thing, and yes, it's weird), I did work on my combinations for an hour or two. I'm using the TV pattern, and I did read the instructions...but I think they put the facings on and sew it all together in a weird order, so I'm ignoring the directions. As usual. ;) I basically can't follow directions at all when it comes to patterns...

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