13 Jan 2017

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So! As a slight change of pace today (blue flannel skirts are in fact kinda boring) I decided to finish off those combinations. Which I did! No pics though, as one of the bulbs in the sewing room lights burnt out and I was too lazy to get up on a chair tonight to switch it out. So, pics tomorrow. It's amusing how they feel slightly scandalous in both historic and modern mindsets...modernly because they're open crotch, and historically because they're slim-fitting, bifurcated underwear! Slim-fitting compared to, you know, an 1860s chemise, anyway... ;)

After the combinations, I decided to tack the crinoline into the hem of the skirt rather than put the waistband on, as tacking a band of crin required basically no brainpower, and a waistband required a bit more. Impressive how much more the skirt stands out already! Buckram would be even more impressive, but I wasn't sure buckram wouldn't be overdoing it for 1898 rather than mid-90s, so I bought crinoline instead, as it's a little lighter.  I could probably have gotten away with buckram in this skirt (crappy Joann's, not actual substantial buckram) but I'm happy enough with the crin.

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