3 Jan 2017

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They're easy to put together but I always have to make everything more difficult! In this case, I decided I wanted some tucks and lace on the leg cuffs. Didn't measure the tucks so one cuff is reasonably spaced, the other one I screwed up somehow and so is HILARIOUSLY unevenly spaced. Oh-so-briefly thought about unpicking, decided against it. They're still very nice deranged cuffs... The lace is maybe a little excessively fussy when the plain fabric and unassuming neck/sleeve trim are taken into account. But I wanted to have nice drawers on display when I fall over while skating! ;) Not to mention all the flat-felling (which, btw, are not included in the directions, or any other type of seam finishings. Why you would want to leave raw seams on an undergarment...I have no idea). Hopefully I can get them finished tomorrow.

I seem to sense a cold brewing, so, that's great timing... noooo I have so much to sew!!

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