23 Jan 2016 11:34 pm
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It's still flurrying a bit, but I think we've gotten most of the snow we're going to. I haven't looked up totals, but according to my very official yardstick poking of my front lawn, looks like about 15".

Had a very nice snow day...mainly puttered around, watched movies, and yakked online with friends. I did make time to sew up most of an 18thc "cardinal" cloak though! Not something I remotely needed, but I'm stalled out on the 18-tens pelisse and bonnet til the mail gets through, and while I could have kept working on shop hats, I really really wanted to sew on something snow-day-appropriate! ;)

It's from a length of very nice red wool cloth that was given to me - only enough to make a knee-length cloak, which is sad as a long cloak out of this would really be like wearing a blanket! I got the cloak itself put together with a bit of piecing; the hood itself is going to mean a lot more piecing, super fun. I should be able get it done tomorrow (and then wear it around the house, because seriously, it's a blanket).
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I said I was going to start work on things for Gettysburg after Tall Ships, but I've mainly been reading - just a re-read of a series, but it's one I haven't looked at for a few years, so that was a nice little break.

Today I remembered that I have an Independence Day event at the Indian King Tavern on Saturday, and that I wanted my white linen mitts for it (even though the forecast doesn't call for much sun. Want them anyway! Also wanted to get them out of the pile they were in...). So I did finish those. Amusingly managed to sew the thumbs on different ways - they're put together by folding edges under and topstitching, so on the left mitt, the thumb piece goes on top of the mitt piece, and on the right the mitt went on top of the thumb. Whoops. Certainly not fussed enough to redo one, because I doubt anybody would notice anyway. It's just funny.

Might also put a new ribbon on my cap if I feel so inclined. I've had the wine-colored one on for over a year, I think it's time.
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Took time out today to do more boring alterations for money (you can't sew on a button yourself? Really really?)...I tend to feel slightly guilty when she's already paid me and I have a bag of her things to do...and I'm sewing for myself. (Only slightly, though.) So I got about half of them out of the way.

And then proceeded to make another apron. I bought a remnant of checked blue linen along with my box o'silk for bonnet-ing, intending to have an apron be one of my sewing projects For The Public tomorrow...but when I got the package yesterday, I decided it would be much better to wear it. Right? Right. So...that's done, apart from the last few inches I'm sewing right now. I've got two caps and a pair of linen mitts cut out; that will be more than enough to keep me occupied for 4-ish hours of sewing!

Amusingly, the forecast for tomorrow isn't actually Godawfully Hot enough to really require my unlined cotton jacket - high of 80. Hmm hmm. Dunno if I'll have another opportunity to wear it, though, as nobody wants to come to the battle of Monmouth with me, and I don't think I have another 18thc event this summer. HMM.
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Didn't stop over to the Tavern today; remembered that parking is free tomorrow, so will go tomorrow. Also, turned off alarm twice, oops? My efforts to be a Productive Member of Society are always thwarted by my love of sleep.

Hemmed my rectangle of linen for the apron today and put the gathers in, so it just needs the tie put on tomorrow. And after that I think I will cease and desist on my Indian King Tavern prepping, at least for now. There are so many little bits and pieces just for a "You Are Sewing In The Late 18thc" impression! Not that I think they're the sort to care that I have plastic spools of Gutermann in my basket. But I care! If it's going to become a Thing, I'll buy some better stuff, but I'll just have to survive next Saturday without a housewife, pinball, threadwinders, etc.
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Boring sleeve ruffles finished; just have to tack them into the sleeves. I also dug out a piece of linen I've had set aside for an apron for years. Told myself I was not allowed to work on the apron til I finished the sleeve ruffles, and, amazingly, that worked.

Plan to pop over to the Indian King Tavern tomorrow to hand in my paperwork, and see what I can determine about this Quaker business. (Also nosed through the Stash and found two or three fabrics that would in fact suit for plain dress if need be. This is why I should never discourage myself from buying sale fabric, right? You never know!)

And yes, I am in fact ignoring that hoop petticoat.
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Although I got my linens in the mail yesterday, so I can start thinking about spencer ideas. Or, should.

The plaid linen for the fichu was in that order, and I regret to have to report it is much more red than it is orange, which took it down a few points in my estimation. BUT it is still a lovely lightweight linen plaid, and still delightfully obnoxious. The fabrics-store people overestimate their yard by a lot, too, so I have enough for an obnoxious apron as well, should I want it. I think I might. Though I'm not convinced matching my apron and my fichu in the same outfit would be a Good Thing. Hmmm.

Well, anyway, I hemmed said plaid fichu today, and now I really have to finish those sleeve ruffles, which I keep putting off for things that are more fun. Because gathering stitches are not fun.

I should probably stop thinking up new little accessories to go with my middling-class 18thc outfit, but that is fun. I want an apron! And mitts! And a pinball! Not a knitted one!

And need to find out if the town was still primarily Quaker in the 1770s, so I know whether I should wear jewelry or not. (And, I guess, my sleeve ruffles. And, well, my entire brightly colored wardrobe. But I need to do more digging on that subject. I don't know how strictly this area adhered to plain dress. I'm not vastly interested in a Poop Brown wardrobe for volunteering, is all I'm saying...)
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All I had to do after work tonight was cut the boning and put it in the channels to finish these silly pocket hoops - but can I find the wire cutters? No I can not. Good thing I didn't chuck the old pair yet!

Francaise dinner tomorrow night -- I'll see quite a few of you there!


28 May 2013 11:29 pm
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Got very little done today (ahem), but here's the start of my silk brocade sash, which I've done a total of three seams on. But wanted to post because, well, shiny!

I would like to very highly recommend silk brocade...

...if you don't mind little silk strings EVERYWHERE when you cut it! But it feels lovely, and if I can ever afford an entire gown of it (um, highly unlikely), I will be all over that!
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Which is nice to know, because I've now been useless for three days and I'm getting very bored with it! *snif snif snuff*

Still too stupid to work on any sewing that's remotely complicated, but I did hem a big old square of linen for an 18thc fichu. I've only been wearing it unhemmed for over a year... That was boring. But a good way to start the year, right? Finishing a UFO?

Minus the debilitating cold, though. I could do without that. *flop*


14 Dec 2012 10:08 pm
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Moving on from the 1920s - I got a Fun Thing in the mail today. [ profile] danabren knitted me some 18thc mitts, and they're rather fabulous, I must say! I picked out some silken merino wool and she made them for me. I want to wear them allll the time!

(I won't, because the evil hangers at work would destroy them in short order. But they're sitting next to me at the moment so I can pet them!)

And they cover my elbows! Wheee! Now I don't have to make a shift with longer sleeves!

Now I'm going to ruminate on What's Next In The World of Costuming...

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