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In short: Amazing! I'm already looking forward to next year!

And then you have the long version. With pictures mostly stolen from [ profile] jennylafleur, [ profile] madamekat, and [ profile] quincy134,and a few from [ profile] sadievale!

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

And Monday )

In conclusion: great conference, fun to hang out with old friends, get to know some better, meet some new people (who we hopefully didn't scare off!)...let's do it again!

And yeah, that write-up took forever. Link to album if, for some reason, you want to see all your photos again!
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They are here! And they were taken with the self-timer and still managed to be phenomenally bad! Yaay! *applauds self* Hey, at least they're here, 'kay? And I cropped them, and you don't even get to see the bizarre faces I made while wondering "Oh damn, lost count, when is the camera going to- oh. Well, bet that'll be an interesting shot..."

Because LJ cuts are fun. )
It was kind of in interesting change to go from my usual, corseted and highly supported with lots of underwear (one reason I can never finish anything!) to this drapey, more loose-fitting costume with minimal underclothes. I made that shift-type-thing to wear under the underdress, but you can't see it (which is kind of the point), and it's not very exciting; just white cotton with two more layers in the bodice front.
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I blatantly stole these off our Order of the Golden Lion web site, so you can see the back of my head. They say they're going to put up more pictures soon; I have my doubts. But, again, other people's pictures is all you get until I and my costume are both at home with a camera and time on our hands to actually take pictures.

I'm in the top left and bottom right ones. Be very impressed by the sight of the back of my head. Well, okay, in the top one you can kind of see my gown. A little. It's green. Very green. Must stop this fixation with green. Ack- I'm wearing a green shirt today! Noooooo...

And apropos of absolutely nothing (well, okay, pictures...), here are a couple of pictures of my effigy-ish corset and 18thc stays. Why? Well, I don't take pics of my underwear very often (heh), so I thought I'd share. And everybody loves a picture. 'Specially when I, you know, never take them. They're for a paper I'm writing, actually. On corsets. Gotta love when you get to choose your own topic in classes!
I know, right, I actually took pictures?! Well, it's for class... )

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Unf. I am dead tired, but I figured I might as well report on how the late-night sewing went...

While messing about with the wool gown's sleeves, I discovered (o the cleverness of me!) that I cut out the sleeves so that the hem was on the selvage. That meant that I didn't have to hem the sleeves for today if I didn't have time. Which, no, I really didn't. (Those things have 2 yards of fabric in them!) Regardless of the sleeve hem elimination, I was still up til 3.30. It's okay, I watched Beatles movies. For a really long time.

And had to get up at 7.30 for setup for Feast at 8...then it transpired we didn't need to be there until 10, so I went back to sleep for an hour and a half. Setting up for Feast took literally all day, from 10 until I decided I needed to get dressed, around 5.10, because it started at 6. Good food, good times (when I'm slightly more coherent I may actually explain what Feast is), but then we had to clean up. Which I got back from around 11.45. Of course we had all this leftover crap that the members of OGL had to either take home or throw out, so I'm now the proud owner of three bags of almonds and a leetle tiny jack-o-lantern. He's sitting on my windowsill, and I think I shall have to name him. George, I think. Heh.

I, having no working camera, obviously did not get any pictures of myself, but I think other people did, and I'll try to steal them later if I can. If not, you'll have to wait til I take the whole getup home over winter break and I can get nice piccies then. (Except we all know I am something less than a phenomenal photographer, so they may not be so nice...)

Okay, done posting while practically not-sober from sleepiness!

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and what am I doing? Am I at a party? Well, no, obviously not and as I think has already been established, I am not a huge fan of parties anyway. Our Samhain feast for OGL is tomorrow, so that should give you a clue...yes, yes, I'm still sewing my outfit for it. I swear, I either finish things a month ahead of time or am frantically sewing the night before/day of the event. It's okay, I'm sitting here in my large and fluffy pink robe, listening to all the people walking past my window on their way to parties (in a few hours, they'll be staggering back from those parties. I hope some get caught by the police where I can see; that's always amusing, because I am a busybody), with an ample supply of music and tea.

Okay, okay, enough procratinating, going to go sew now.


24 Oct 2008 09:13 pm
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The green linen medieval dress thing is hemmed. Took longer than it should have, really. It is Friday night, and I am bored. Need to sew more, so probably will.

That is all.


Edit: Because I am bored, you all get a quiz I've seen making the rounds. i can haz gud english? (yes, according to this quiz and my perfect score on the verbal SAT portion four years ago, I can. *brags*) Ok, back to being bored.

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I've got a midterm tomorrow in Early Russia and at this point I don't even care because it's open-notes and I just want to get it over with so I can do something that is not Early Russian. Blah! Also, I am sleepy, so a short update of the sewing kind is in order.

Tuesday (I think) I cut out and hemmed the veil; it's some leftover white linen I had in the stash. It's not as long as I wanted, but I decided to make do with what I had; buying anything else for this costume would just be Stupid.

I was home for the day Wednesday and so spent some more quality time with my sewing. The straight sleeve pattern is done (it went together suspiciously easily, so I'm terrified it will come out looking like crap), and the wool gown sleeves are sewn together, though not sewn to the gown.

I decided I wanted to line the sleeves in the leftover green dupioni I had (yeah, no, slubby silk Not Correct, didn't care, etc.), and so took what felt like hours and hours to do so: piecing the silk together (those sleeves are looooong), then sewing one sleeve totally wrong way round, but finally getting them done.

This morning I looked at them again, and decided I don't like them lined in the dupioni. It makes them stiff and not drape so prettily. Oh, cool, that means I have to take out the silk. *headdesk* One week. Gah! And I've got rather a lot to do for school in that week, too. Can't school learn that I have more important things to do?! *subversive muttering*

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I seem to have run out of green thread to match my linen.


That is all.
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Happened to glance at the calendar today, and I realized I need my medieval outfit in two weeks exactly. (Well, two weeks and a day technically, but if it's not 99% done by the day before...oh who am I kidding, then I'll be up rather late the night before. But I hate doing that. Even though I do it most of the time.) Glad I sewed the wool gown together while I was home with my machine, otherwise I'd never get done.

If I really really run out of time I can just leave the sleeves off the overgown and it'll still look convincing enough, but I wants my impractically sleeves!

Needless to say, I'm off to sew! Because it's Friday, and I can.


3 Oct 2008 11:26 pm
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Thing the First: Watched the debate last night. I know the purpose of my journal on here is not so much the political, and probably not what you all read it for, but I've seen this linked to on a couple of my friends' journals, thought it was very apt, and so shall link to it as well. Also...Palin, "nuclear" is a word. "Nuculear" is not. (Even spell-check on LJ says so!)

Thing the Second: I hemmed the medieval smocky thing. And one gore. Not today...I don't actually remember if it was yesterday or the day before. Whatever.

Thing the Third: One of my floormates has people over, and they are drinking, playing loud horrible music, and are currently engaged in yelling at each other over a game of Trivial Pursuit. Sigh. First, at least shut the damn door, so that if the CAs come around on rove, all of us don't get in trouble for underage drinking! Second, midterms are this coming week, and I'm trying to do schoolwork. Yeah, on a Friday night; lame, I know, but we did go out to the football game, and now I want to get a little more work done! Third, that music is really terrible- it's some sort of loud scream-y stuff. Do not want. Am listening to Beatles with headphones on in an attempt to counteract this.

Thing the Fourth: As I mentioned, I went to our college football game tonight (which we lost, boo), and it was cold. Like, 50-55 degrees cold. Which I like, but nobody else seems to. Hmm, should have brought my wool coat up to school with me when I went home last weekend! (Also, our team played Kean, and my friend Kat and I could not figure out what they were cheering for, i.e. their mascot. We decided it was either Bluejays or Bluebirds. Imagine my surprise when I got back from the game and looked up Kean's mascot, only to find out that they are in fact the Cougars. Huh.)

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