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Went for a lovely long walk around the neighborhood tonight with's in the low 60s at the moment! It's forecast to jump back up to 90 this week so I'm going to enjoy the autumn weather while it's here.

The show at Longwood tomorrow night has, mercifully, been postponed to Sunday. Oh good, I get to dress nicely after all! And not get wet! Very important, that part is.

Iron-gall ink does in fact improve my bad attempt at quill writing. Still a lot of finessing to do (I need a knife I can sharpen to a finer edge than the one I currently have; preferably a, you know, pen-knife) but I think I'm not entirely hopeless!

Oh, and sewing stuff. Right. I did get pictures of the Peasanty 18thc Caps, and divvied them up among the Usual Suspects (I'm keeping the Unfortunate Biggins for myself). We have:
your Standard Floppy-Eared Peasant Type
cap 1
(Country Wives lappet cap pattern)
your 18thc version of the Unfortunate Biggins
cap 2
(Country Wives caps for the working poor pattern)
and your Mother Goose cap, aka the dorkiest cap that ever did dork.
cap 3
(Kannik's Korner cap pattern)
I find them all very entertaining! In various ways. xD

I also actually sewed something Gettysburg-relevant today (shocking I know). It does not look like much, but there's quite a few hours of work put into that thing! It's my short-hoop petticoat, done as much as I can be without actually finishing the hoop...just will need to be leveled and waistband-ed once said hoop is done (I'm putting off the order til finances have recovered a bit from buying schoolbooks).
short petticoat
Funny story about this petticoat: it's actually my mid-1840s petticoat, remade. If I ever do 1840s again my petticoats would have to be remade anyway, as they're seriously not up to my current standards (I made that outfit in 2011), so the flounced one's up in the etsy shop, and this one got decimated! It's a pretty 'sticky' broadcloth that I wouldn't use for petticoats today, but since this will only ever be worn with a taffeta dress over it, I'm not too worried.

The petticoat was 2.5 panels of 45", with a horrible narrow wimpy pleated attempt at a ruffle (baaaaaaad), and over this hoop, I really needed it to be 3 widths of 45". So I took off the waistband, ripped the top of the petticoat off, and pieced it back together with horizontal seams to give me another half-width! Almost had enough, too. There's one 6" piece at the bottom under the flounce that's a different cotton. And the flounce is some completely random yardage of white cotton that clearly I had squirreled away for some project...but as I have NO idea what that project might have been, it was sacrificed to the Flounce Gods. (I'm actually really good with remembering what I have, what it's for, and where it came from, so having no idea is notable!)

I stuck some cotton insertion on top of the flounce, in a manner that feels more late Victorian, but whatever. I'd rather have done an eyelet flounce but I only have bitty pieces of eyelet on hand, no petticoat-flounce lengths. I didn't trim away/ fold back the fabric underneath (you know, the proper deployment of insertion), partly because I didn't want to go to the trouble, and partly because I don't like the idea of the green crinoline showing through. That's weird.

So, since I'm off tomorrow with nothing to do, maybe I'll continue to sew productively! Ha ha ha, seems unlikely.

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Date: 9/2/17 02:24 pm (UTC)
totchipanda: (Default)
From: [personal profile] totchipanda
Dorky, but also fabulous! XD

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Date: 9/6/17 12:14 am (UTC)
brickhousewench: (Love - Shakespeare In Love)
From: [personal profile] brickhousewench
Mother Goose for the win!

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Date: 9/7/17 11:54 am (UTC)
brickhousewench: (saucy frau)
From: [personal profile] brickhousewench
I do the same thing, I make hats and give them away to members of my reenactment Guild.

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