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Second Boer War, to be specific.

(The Facebook event just said "Boer War", mind you, with no dates. Apparently this is colloquial for the second war...but as 1/ we didn't know this til yesterday as that's when the park put up the event description, and 2/ none of us have c.1900 summer dresses anyway...we cheerfully assumed it was the first war in the early 1880s, as that's what we have clothes for. As assumed...nobody cared. *grin*)
boer war 1
It's always more fun when we know people at an event, which we did today; I'm always perfectly happy to gate-crash events and sit around in our little group by ourselves, but being able to sit in proper chairs under a tent fly and have a G&T is even nicer!
boer war 2
Weather report: Pretty hot (I sweat right through my corset in places, ew) but not unbearable. The forecast was for "cloudy", which would have been more appreciated; the sun was pretty hot there for a while! Glad I did bring my wildly-inappropriate Battenberg lace parasol, for when we were up on top of the embankment, watching the "battle." ("Who wins?" "I dunno, I know nothing about any Boer Wars.") Otherwise we were mostly in the shade under the fly.
boer war 3
Nobody wore anything new, of course (and we've all agreed that wearing the same dresses for 1880 is starting to get just a tiny bit boring), but Robin did add more trim to her underskirt, looped it up, and made the intended overskirt, so at least there was a point made to get photos of that. And it looks very pretty! And she's going to do a post about it soon! ;)
boer war 4
Apparently we're useless at getting a picture with all 4 of us, but I know some were taken, so if/when they're posted to the Fort Mott page I'll yoink them and post here!
ETA: here we go!
boer war group

boer war 5
I'd like to promise I'm going to finish the bodice and take pictures of it this week...but if it's 90+, which it's supposed to be, I probably won't feel like it. Once it's not so hot!

Robin's flickr album here


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Date: 7/24/17 02:14 am (UTC)
robinsnest: (Default)
From: [personal profile] robinsnest
hey now I PUT UP MY POST FIRST ;-)

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Date: 7/24/17 10:37 am (UTC)
blackcat452: (Default)
From: [personal profile] blackcat452
Was a fun little reenactment. It's nice to just grab something out of your closet and go. But I hope to one day see the finished gown

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Date: 7/31/17 02:44 pm (UTC)
brickhousewench: (D'oh!)
From: [personal profile] brickhousewench
Wrong war? Whoops! But you all look lovely anyways.

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