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Well, not that it isn't fun to make something new for an event...obviously I adore last-minute sewing! But sometimes it's nice to just pull from ye olde costume closet and drive five minutes down the road! Well, five minutes down the road from me. A little more for [personal profile] robinsnest  and [personal profile] miss_philomena ! (But it has been officially dubbed an excellent costume-shoot location; if one building isn't of the right date for your dress, just walk down a few houses!)

We invaded the (long-suffering, no doubt) Indian King tavern again today; there was a guest speaker/interpreter who gave a presentation on tea in the 18th century. Very interesting, but a little long. We then wandered over to the perennial favorite, The British Chip Shop, for a meal, and then strolled round Haddonfield's lovely historic downtown. Took pictures and got honked at all up and down Kings Highway, which was very amusing. And then treated ourselves to some really delicious gelato, which will ensure all present parties can be bribed to return. Yum, indeed.

Got rained on a bit here and there, but nothing too damaging, and temperature-wise it was just about ideal for costume-wearing! Robin and Adrienne both had new dresses, which were properly documented; I wore my old traffic-light-striped silk, since it was Silk Sunday (as we determined). I still like that dress though! Robin finished her dress that we'd started last weekend for our demo at the tavern, so it was fun to get pictures of it in the tavern! Especially fun since there were a few visitors in the crowd that had been there for our demo, so they got to see the dress finished on a person.
in front of a dinosaur sculpture
We couldn't be in Haddonfield and not visit the town dinosaur!

three people on front porch of 18thc tavern
A slightly more traditional setting.

ghosts in the mirror
And a shot that I couldn't resist playing with in photobucket editor! Ghosts in the mirror! ;)

Adrienne and Robin both took a bunch of photos of us misbehaving about town, so I'll just link their albums here, for my own ease. And I'm sure they'll both post more detailed dress writeups, so I won't natter on any more here!

OH, and I exploded my stays. Um, oops? I was undressing and Robin was like...uhhh I see your shift in a place I shouldn't... Right side seam started splitting under the arm. Could re-sew, but new 1770s stays were on the docket anyway; now they just got bumped up the list! Good thing I don't have any 1770s events for the rest of the year...


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Date: 5/8/17 03:50 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] elizabeth_mn
You guys all look awesome! What fun!

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Date: 5/8/17 05:37 pm (UTC)
mala_14: (Default)
From: [personal profile] mala_14
Every Sunday should be a Silk Sunday! ;) Looks like a ton of fun!

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