29 Jul 2017

mandie_rw: (1860sgburg)
Just finished binding the long skirt to go with the rational dress (so, the less-rational part of the dress? haha). I know I should be using wool braid, but I'm still too cheap to shell out for it, so I've continued the tradition I started with the plaid silk dress, and just used strips of wool fabric on the straight. I know it won't wear as well but my 1860s dresses really don't get that much wear, so. It's strips of a weird, sort of ugly, waffle-weave blue-and-brown mid-weight wool that I probably will never actually use so I don't mind devoting some of it to hem binding.

And I got my FFC wools today, woot woot!
Navy and white check: very nice! Would be hard to resist starting on the early '80s dress I want to make from it right now if I wasn't still dead chuffed with how the beige print turned out; thankfully that temptation isn't overpowering.
Blue and ivory lightweight stripe: reasonably nice for a blend. It didn't give percentages but burn test says it's definitely more wool than poly. Probably 60, maybe 70% wool. It doesn't pleat nicely though, just from scrunching it up in my hands, so I may not do the "sack" back variation of the tea gown. Will have to mull that over. Definitely adequate for my tea gown for Belvidere though.
Midnight navy flannel: is...not flannel. I'm not sending it back, because it's a really lovely, deliciously soft and drapey lightweight wool that I may or may not be cuddling with at this very moment...but it's decidedly a plain twill, not a flannel. I haven't quite decided whether to use it for the bathing costume yet...pros: it is a nice lightweight 100% wool that won't itch at all, and this is already bathing costume fabric length #2, cons: but it isn't flannel! I really wanted flannel! might be too nice for a bathing costume that's going to get abused by the salt water and sand, I'd hate to ruin such a nice wool. Hmmmmmmm.

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