15 Oct 2014

mandie_rw: (regencygreen)
My package of fabric was in San Francisco last night, so I was surprised to see it was out for delivery when I checked the tracking number this afternoon! Hooray for airplanes! And we even got our mail delivered earlier than usual today, so I got to play with my fabric before work.

Pre-package-arrival, I winkled out the lengths and widths and such of my taffeta skirt panels. They seem right, so hopefully they won't suddenly become wrong when I sew them together. Also figured out that I didn't cut the side-back bodice pieces (why does this bodice seem so small...OH WAIT), did so, and sewed them to the back pieces.

When my package o'fabric fun arrived, I cut out the organza skirt panels. They're a bit wiggly, 'specially the hems, but the hems will be scalloped after it's all put together, so it's ok. And the silk gauze for the veil is perfectly light and floaty, perfect veil fabric - I almost want to make an actual dress of some sort out of it...but then I remember I'd actually have to pin it and sew it...no thanks. Two hems will be quite enough. (I'm leaving the selvedges. Sue me.)

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