16 Jul 2014

mandie_rw: (regency winter)
It's cool enough tonight to have a pot of tea - I like this weather. Go away, summer!

I started sewing reed into my kirtle bodice today. Felt like I was sewing forever, but only got eight channels done. It's stupid easy work though, just a running stitch, so I don't think it'll take as long as it seems like it would...if that makes sense. *shifty eyes*

Why yes that IS a paint stirrer. How could you tell... And look at that dupioni fraying, what a beautiful thing. I'm stitching in a contrast color partly because I saw it in a YWU article, partly to avoid sewing with almost-black thread on almost-black fabric, and partly because I think red stitching looks nifty.

I wanted to get another channel or two done tonight, but my eyes are starting to hurt. Of course, anything I would do alternatively to channel-sewing would involve eye strain anyway. Movie or tv, dithering around online, reading...? Maybe I'll go cut something out.

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