13 Jun 2014

mandie_rw: (regency winter)
I did sew today, so there! And ze bonnet is done. It looks very much like, well, what it is: an untrimmed bonnet! [livejournal.com profile] blackcat452's going to trim it herself, because she probably has better trimmings in her stash than I do. It's not perfect - argh, unforgiving taffeta! - but I never claimed to be a professional. :)

Rather glad I didn't wait til the morning-of to take the giant fluffy 1860s out (well, I wouldn't have, since I needed to put fastenings on), because when I put it on to mark where some hooks and eyes would go, I discovered a big fat hole in the right lower sleeve. The fabric had frayed right through the seam...two seams, actually, since it was flat felled. Between this, and the hole in the gold 1920s, and the hole in my striped blue anglaise petticoat, I'm starting to think my costumes go out partying without me!

(Or, you know, I made the sleeves just a bit too tight, and the stress the seam was under, combined with the rather wimpy sheer fabric, led to a hole. But I prefer the other explanation.)

So I just cut my losses and took them off, since I clearly can't redo the seam and make it any smaller! Of course, the gathered bit at the elbow was gathered right to the undersleeve, so I had to redo all that. It's annoying that I don't have any more of that fabric - the new undersleeves will have to be made of something different than the neck yoke bit, which will look dumb, but what can you do?

I guess I could just not make new undersleeves, since that would eliminate the not-matching problem...but I also haven't seen any plates or photos of an adult woman showing off that much bare arm in a day dress. It would also defeat the "sun protection" purpose. I have some similarly shiny and sheer (how's that for alliteration) white silk/cotton voile, so I think it wouldn't be too offensively awful to use that. Well, I don't have anything better anyway!

I did put on all the fastenings, though, after I'd taken off the offending sleeves...hooks and eyes at the waistband, and snaps to hold that strip of trim at the neck in place. Yes, snaps, shocking...but I can tell if I put hooks on that thing, it'd be unhooking itself all day! Which doesn't sound like fun to me.

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