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I kept trying to pretend it wasn't my birthday, but my friends would insist on giving me things and wishing me happy birthday and I'm so horrible at graciously accepting those things! But I really really appreciate it, so I'll thank you all again here on LJ, because I can be more coherent in writing. (Don't bring up all those ridiculously wordy run-on sentences.)

(Or the ellipses. I do love me some ellipses. *snort*)

Anyway! Pictures!

There were only a couple shots of all the group together...some one is always behind the camera! Thanks to [ profile] madamekat and [ profile] dragoneyes19 for many of the pictures usual mine are less than wonderful.

Pictures! Words! )

Photobucket album here, and I've done a blog post on some spencer details too
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Took me long enough, yeah?

Only pictures on Mabel as of today, partly because I'll be wearing it in less than a week, and partly because I didn't work today, so I've got Really Bad Day Off Hair.

The striped dress in all its, uh, glory )
The black spencer thus far )
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I mocked up a sleeve today, and I am going to finish sewing on the skirt flounce before bedtime tonight. That is all!
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Flounce is gathered up, half pinned on, and I'm in the process of sewing on that half.

If I got up earlier in the mornings, I could get a lot more done. So I keep telling myself...
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Today I hemmed the dress - being clever and trying it on over my petticoat to ensure I didn't make it too short, before actually hemming it. I have a bad habit of making petticoats and skirts that don't play nicely together.

And cut and sewed together flounce number one for the skirt. It may well end up being the only flounce, actually...the design in my head calls for three, but I'm going to be sensible this time. I'm going to put one flounce on, then finish the dress (sleeves!) and make the spencer, then go back to flounces two and three if I have time. I'm not entirely sure I will (they're each 300" long. *flop*), hence this ostensibly Sensible Plan.

Anyway, I'm in the process of turning over the top edge of the flounce to make a channel for a cord, so I can gather the flounce up on the cord. Seemed the least labor-intensive way to go about it. Also not hemming anything, because it's cut on the bias. :)
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At this point, the only way to sew any slower would be to start unpicking instead of actually sewing. And that I would probably manage to do fairly quickly...

I was off today but didn't have unlimited time for actual sewing, so I didn't get the sleeves mocked up like I wanted. The skirt is, however, now attached to the bodice so that's something. Here modeled, excitingly, on a hanger on the china cabinet. Note the teacups.

(Technically that's not even quite done, as I haven't finished tacking down the unruly gathers inside the bodice. But I wanted to post this before it got too late!)

Note the lovely Fun With Stripes - the waistband and neck ruffle are cut on the bias - that you can't even see! I was going to cut the skirt flounces on the bias as well, but I may not bother after all, since you can't see it at all once you're more than two feet away from the dress. It may be more fun to cut the edges into chevrons (like the flounce on my block print 1770s dress. And my dress of 1000 triangles. I'm sensing a theme...) but I haven't decided yet. May want to save that for the 1820s dress. Though I guess there's no law that says I can't do it on both.

Though I already have a width of fabric I've started to cut across the bias (see: waistband and neck ruffles), and that would be quite wasteful of fabric... Must ponder.
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I'm going to finish sewing the waistband tonight.

No, really.
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Today I cut the waistband for the striped dress (yes, a waistband, because of the closure), and, uh, put like three stitches in it. Progress! I really need to get moving on this dress, though.
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Today I finished sewing the ruffles on the neckline of the dress. Not that the neckline treatment matters at all with the giant derpy chemisette, which I tried on with the bodice this afternoon. It looks ridiculous. I'm still attempting to decide whether it's a good ridiculous or bad ridiculous...I think it's great for 1820s, but maybe a bit much for 1810s. Um.
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Yesterday I felt like reading, not sewing. Oops. Bad me. But I was determined to be productive today.

So, today I did this...

...and got this.

AW YISS now it fits.

The stripes don't line up nicely at the closure, presumably because of all that fiddling, but there's such a low contrast between the stripes and ground color that I'm not really going to worry about it. Now I'm in the process of hemming a mile-long neck ruffle. Fun!

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