29 May 2017

mandie_rw: (chintz dress spring)
Class starts tomorrow! Online, but still. Will have to refine my habit of dithering time away internet-trawling and costume plotting!

Spent my last day of freedom pining after a stray kitty I met yesterday at Bartram's Garden over in Philly (he wanted to come home with me I just know it! we were instantly best of friends! *wail* I'm seriously contemplating going back for him despite not being allowed a cat here. mom would Not Be Pleased), and finishing off a dress I cut out and halfway made a while ago.  A 1957 Vintage Vogue, out of lightweight linen-cotton with a floral print. I'll probably wear it Saturday to a free concert I'm attending with mom, weather permitting, so shall get pics then.

And now I need to go decide what to wear for my First Day of School! (I won't be doing anything besides checking the syllabus on my laptop while sitting at my dining room table, but hey.)

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