3 May 2017

mandie_rw: (1860sgburg)
That is, I measured my cage every which way I thought I'd need, noted down all the measurements, added up how much tape I ought to need, and deconstructed the crappy hoop. I'm wrangling some absurdly cheap tape from [personal profile] miss_philomena , and I'll see her Sunday, so I can't do anything else with it til next week. But that's okay! I feel as though this is a respectable amount of progress anyway.

cage crinoline over modern clothes  cage crinoline over steel bones
I'm making the short hoop as long as the 5th steel is in my current one - just a hair below knee-length. The skirt in the drawing is considerably wider, but when you take an organdy petticoat (and artistic license!) into account, I think the skirt will be plenty big enough. And to the right is my cage on top of the boning I took out of the cheap hoop - I measured the longest steel just out of curiosity, and it's 145". Since I am not in fact a caricature, I don't need a bottom steel of 145"... So even using all 6 steels in the short hoop (since it's 1/4" and I'll feel a bit more secure that way), I may well end up with enough left over to bone a corset! Not Bad for $12.

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