24 Apr 2017

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Long time no update! Well, two days feels like a long time when I try to post every day. ;)

Saturday was Accepted Students Day at Rutgers, and then work directly after. I didn't learn a whole lot of new info - look, I've already paid my deposit, I don't need to be convinced to come here...oh god there are so many 17-year-olds here, I am ancient - but I did find out that for one of the required "welcome days" for new students in August, the over-25s have their own version, and it involves wine and cheese. Okay, Rutgers, I am convinced.

Sunday was photoshoot day for Jenny-Rose's new hairpieces; over the weekend she did about a million hours of filming for her tutorials, and I was one of her models. I will say I was treated very well by the production. Tons of food. ;) Playing with my hair is a wonderful way to lull me to sleep, so I'm impressed that I didn't nod off while I was getting my hair did! I can't wait til all the edits are done and I can see how incredibly miserable I look in the video! I wasn't really being tortured, I promise...

pouty face with undid hair
Although I was sad when I had to take my awesome hair down. Obviously.

And then today I dug through the18thc bin and tried to decide what to wear Saturday for the dressmaking demo, since the forecast is WAY TOO CLOSE TO 90 for my liking. (WTF, it's April. Bastards.) I wanted to wear something a bit nicer, but I don't want to wear the bird print dress again, and I sort of forgot how crappy the fit is on the white/red cotton sack jacket that's part of the Brunswick. Riiiiight, that would be why I've only worn it twice... Fixable (mostly a problem with the back shoulders, as usual), but I'm not sure I can really be arsed to fix it, and I definitely can't be arsed to fix it in time for the weekend! I'm not all that attached to it so I'm more likely to put it up in the shop for stupid cheap. Anyway! Moral of the story is that I'm probably going to end up in my blue and white stripe linen gown at this point. It's not fancy, but I don't care if I sweat through it. :P

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