12 Apr 2017

mandie_rw: (tallships)
Sort of! I tacked the puffs of china silk onto my cap - planning to do my shoot of the chintz dress Friday morning so I wanted to get that out of the way...even though it's got enough powder and pomatum on it from just one wearing to be kinda icky already. Mostly because said powder is pink. ;) I feel precisely no inclination to add onto/fix the tucker right now, but maybe tomorrow I'll decide that's an awesome idea? Seems doubtful. Photos can still go ahead sans tucker, so, whatever.

Also dug through my bin of "everyday" fabric and was moderately ruthless in culling to put up in the shop. Took pics of all of them, and measured half of them (ugh, so boring), so hopefully I can get at least five of them listed tomorrow. Probably nothing to excite anyone here, but I sold all the ugly little pieces of silky poly fairly quickly when I put them up! So hopefully these will move too, because the piles are getting dangerous!

Plus I'm making a deal with myself that I can't buy fabric for the Currently Secret But Probably Not Secret Once I Get the Fabric Project til I sell a few things on etsy! ;)

(Somewhat related: it occurred to me that if I don't finish the Hell Dress, this project would be fine for the "fancy dress" ball as well. This is a terrible justification, but I think I'm taking it.)

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