11 Apr 2017

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I'm mentally collecting supplies for the random outfit I think I've decided to make, because that is totally a thing I have time to do. I got the taffeta from fabric mart for the 1860s Hell Dress, but the color looks quite different and it won't work for the outfit, so, bummer! Will probably sell it on on etsy rather than send it back, to try and break even. Shame, as it's a pretty gold-ish color that I would usually hoard, but the fabric stash is out of control at the moment so I need to stop hanging on to things I won't use!

My mantua-making demo with some of the usual local suspects is two weeks from Saturday, so I need to figure out what to wear for that. Currently inclined toward either the bird print polonaise, or the jacket and petti from the print Brunswick, and a stomacher to go with those. (Provided I can find the leftover fabric for it...) The yellow/red/green anglaise is a possibility too but I somewhat suspect it'll be hotter weather than I'd like to wear that in.

I've gone another step toward committing to DW over LJ - a paid account (shut up, I want my icons back!) and turning off commenting at LJ. I don't want to lose touch with people who are staying over there, and I'll still read my friends page, but I consider DW my primary journal now, and frankly I don't want to give LJ any more traffic than I need to.

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