23 Mar 2017

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First I cut out a dress for Saturday out of green cotton sateen - but then realized there was a fade line along the fold, which ended up directly at the CF of the skirt and bodice. Hmm. Unhelpful! Don't think I didn't consider trying to pass it off as a "design element", but it isn't an even fade, so that didn't work! After some more thought I decided to stitch a vertical line of some black velvet ribbon over the fade (since I like the fabric!), but that I don't wanna do that now. Seems like work, ew.

So, back to the skirt plan! I have a bad habit of picking up remnants of aforementioned cotton sateen from work when I find them, as when they're close to a yard I can easily get a pencil skirt out of them (and I am very fond of 1950s pencil skirts). So the skirt is a rem of the sateen in bright red (I also have navy, purple, dark red, black...good thing eventually I'll have a job where I can wear all these damn skirts). I've been doing fussy little couture-style hand-sewings on it so it's not quite done, but said fussy hand-sewing makes my meticulous little soul happy, so I did them! And I should finish it tomorrow easily.

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