7 Mar 2017

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- Finished covering the straw hat. I also dug out a very little bit of sky-blue taffeta from the silk-scrap-bag to use for hat trimming; I decided that since the ratio of colored taffeta vs fluffy organza trim on the hat will be rather low, it's silly to spend for a full yard if I've got something that will work. I don't like it quite as much as my to-purchase options, but it'll do. I also ordered a yard of white striped organza last night for the cap. It's coming from India so if it isn't here by a certain date, I'll have to order some plain organza. But I can wait a bit on that, since all my options for nice organza are US-based and ship quickly!

- Sewed half a seam on the chintz bodice.

- Threw a fit over the printer choosing a very inopportune moment to stop working, as they always do. Printers are total assholes.

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