5 Mar 2017

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Today I was still too lazy to put on my stays to fit the mockup for the chintz gown! In my defense, I was in and out of the house all day, so undressing, dressing, undressing, and dressing again seemed like a lot of work.

So I did a lot of online browsing, to decide what I'm going to buy for my hat and cap. I decided to use some ivory moire not-silk from the stash (it's mostly cotton, and a blend of something I don't remember...from lighting it on fire I suspect rayon and a little poly) to cover the hat, so I'm shopping for taffeta for trim and organza for the cap/more hat trim. I'm very fond of using good-quality silk taffeta for hat trim, as I can just rip it across grain, pull some strings off, and boom, trim. Plus if it's a shot silk you get a very fun effect by pulling more weft threads out and letting the "fringe" of the warps show!

Oh, and I did start recovering my hat. :D It's an old straw base, that I remade from a cheap braid hat. Its merits include being 1/4" wider on one side than the other, being entirely covered in thread balls from the original stitching that I hadn't pulled off...and I had covered it in polyester shantung, shiny side up. It's a very old hat...and no, you don't get a picture of it in its original state! I'd kept it because hey, it's horrible, but I can always recover it! So. Tonight I ripped off the shantung, despaired over the unevenness of the brim (whatever, nobody will notice when it's covered in crap), hand-sewed wire to the brim, mulled just the top of the crown as that was mainly where the braid showed through on the polyester wonder version, covered the crown, and half-covered the brim. So...Not Bad.

The current fabric debate is between a light blue and a light green for trimming (happen to have swatches of both), whether to use striped silk organza for the cap (not especially common but not rare, according to my very scientific study of the pinterest boards of People Who Know Better), and if I use it for the cap can I also use it on the hat, and if either or both of those are striped should it be gold striped or white striped. DECISIONS!
hat sitting on fabric
Yes, I seem to be going very pastoral with this outfit...

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