14 Feb 2017

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Getting very bored with the same userpic all the time over here on DW...I think I'm going have to import my userpics from LJ soon, I just got very used to having a nice variety to choose from!

Sent off the first painted petticoat today, and started the second; it's at least a slightly different color scheme so not another two panels of the exact. same. thing., anyway! I really do like painting petticoats or I wouldn't have put them in the shop for sale, but two right on top of each other is a bit much. Especially as I should have made Taylor's at least a month ago so I really am obligated to get this done ASAP!

If I'm very good at painting the next two days though, I might give myself one day off to sew something for me. Possibly decide what outfit I'm going to wear to the big hat tea, but more likely a modern skirt or start a new dress or something. A small attempt to start getting rid of my starting-to-get-ridiculous stash of "modern" dress fabric! "Modern" here meaning 1940s-60s, of course. But someday I'm going to get rid of the joann's green fugly polo and need actual dress clothes, really!

("Someday" currently depends on whether Rutgers decides I'm a reasonable risk. We shall see - I'll post more about that later if I'm accepted! I thought I wrote a terribly moving essay... *snort* )

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