12 Feb 2017

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Thing 1: Always suspected, but now confirmed: overall, I really don't like 1940s style shoes as much as the other decades! 20s is probably my favorite, really....which is amusing because I dislike the dresses, but eh well. (Am currently browsing accessories for the Reading Air Show we're going to crash this summer, which is WW2.) I do like the original designs from Royal Vintage but maybe not quite $140+ worth, haha.

(No I could not possibly wear obviously 1920s shoes to a WW2 event! I cheerfully mix decades with hair, shoes, and clothes when I wear vintage on a day-to-day basis, but this is different.)

Thing 2: When I relist this painted petticoat (waiting til I'm done both of them, as that would just be my luck that another person decides they want one at this inopportune time!), I'm going to charge more for it! I forgot how damn long the second design takes to paint. Oyyyyy.

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