29 Jan 2017

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I really really wanted to get the shirtwaist done today, but I don't think I can quite manage it. I need to do buttons & buttonholes (hooks and bars on the collar, which I need to make probably a good inch tighter, but will do that lazily by just folding the edges under), and finish and put lace on the cuffs. At least I did remember to pick out all the basting...?

Probably would have finished it if I hadn't had a couple costume crises, but, well, they took time to deal with. First, random sticky stuff appeared overnight on the FRONT of my shirtwaist. UM EXCUSE YOU. So I had a small bitch fit over that, at which time we also realized that there's going to be a refugee-related protest around City Hall on Saturday. Which, don't get me wrong, is awesome (and I do feel slightly guilty that I'm still determined to play dress up and celebrate my birthday instead), but that's where the skating rink is. Having just gone to a protest on Thursday with less than half the amount of people that are probably showing up Saturday...getting there on foot will be difficult, and by car, basically impossible.

After throwing a slightly larger bitch fit over that, I resigned myself to the rather-less-Victorian rink down by the river, and City Tavern for lunch (Victorian, 18thc, it's all basically the same, right??), and Robin suggested cornstarch on the random sticky stuff. Which allowed me to scrape off enough of it to not declare the thing a total loss. Whew, back on track!

(Also, I can feel a cold coming on AGAIN in my sinuses. Assholes. *grump*)

Buuut here's a couple of in-progress shirtwaist shots!

It's a sleeve!
I ended up making the sleeve head from the pattern juuuust a bit bigger after a mockup, so next time I want a late1890s sleeve it'll be ready to go!
unsewn sleeve puff
Initially I took 4" out of the width, and 1" or so off the top - after sewing the lower puff down I realized they were still waaaaaay too puffy for the style I was looking for, and hacked 2.5-3" more off the top! And that's what happens when you don't make a mockup...
Long sleeve with fabric puff half sewn on
Idiot sleeve wings! I was amused.
Finished sleeve set in blouse
Definite hack job putting the sleeves in...I'd cut off the gathering stitches from the puff, obviously, so I didn't bother regathering, just pinned it haphazardly to the long sleeve and said, "eh, whatever."

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