25 Jan 2017

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IT NEVER ENDS. Why am I not one of those people who doesn't care about proper undergarments...my life would be a lot less boring. And it's not even a complicated petticoat ruffle; just two tiers of shitty poly-cotton eyelet!

(Seriously, it's offensive in it's poly nastiness. It's a clearance Joann's eyelet from last year? two years ago? and it was the only wide eyelet I had on hand in petticoat-ruffle-quantities, but... *wrinkles nose* I particularly enjoy that a bunch of "eyes" are only halfheartedly punched, and not even stitched at all. GREAT quality, guys.)

There's only another couple hours' worth of work to do on it, but I'm planning on going to a protest in Philly tomorrow (the Chief Nutball, or, as the local news outlets still call him, "Mr" Trump [rather than "President", which I find interesting] is visiting, and we're making our displeasure known) and I have work after that, so I can't imagine I'll finish it tomorrow.

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