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To do all the little finishings on the chintz gown that somehow manage to take hours and hours! Hem, a quick-and-dirty ugly tuck to fix the gappy neckline, remembering that I wanted to put boning in the bodice seams, loops for hoiking up the skirt...etc. etc.

But now it's ready to trim! *waves very tiny celebration flag* I'll still be in good shape if I can get that done this week, and still have a week to make the cap. And with that silly hat I can forego a cap if need be, though I'd rather have one than not.

Took pics while it was still light out, so all the aforementioned things aren't quite done to it as of these pics. Close enough to get the idea, though.
chintz dress front
(Check out that shiny mug. Blot, woman!)
chintz dress side
The train is quite silly. Obviously I hadn't put on the looping bits yet! Also, look Ma, no shoes.
chintz dress back

chintz dress side back
The skirt is in fact not as fluffy as one might hope, but I'm 95% sure I am too lazy to make another silk taffeta petticoat to go on top of the one that's already there, so.
shintz dress back closeup
Shitty tucks at the back shoulder strap will mostly be covered by trim - I could have unpicked and refitted...but why, when this is so much easier? Heh.
chintz dress closeup side
...Yes, I made it that low-cut on purpose. The 18thc had slightly different sensibilities about displaying boobage - modern America in general tends more toward pearl-clutching or inappropriate commentary. I wouldn't wear this without a kerchief to an open-to-the-public event because of the inevitable comments (sad), but this is going to a private party, and I think boobs in general (everybody's, not specifically mine) simply look fabulous, aesthetically speaking, in 18thc costume, so there. ;)
chintz dress closeup front
I still have to sew a strip of white linen to the gown hem for a facing - I distrust this fabric to stand up being dragged over any grass or dirt - but I fully intend to get that done tonight.

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