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I didn't forget to take pictures of the orange and blue gown! I just...forgot while it was light outside, and I like to take pictures of my finished costumes outside, because there's no good light in this house! But I got them today, so all should be soon as I got home I trundled Mabel outside after wrestling her into her stays, which is always entertaining. I always feel sort of funny about kneeling on her boobs to stuff them into the stays...*giggle* Gotta love foam dressforms.

All would have been well a lot earlier, but Photobucket was being a royal PITA about uploading things. *strangles Photobucket*

Blue and orange gown... )

And the bodice of the striped gown )


24 Apr 2011 12:22 am
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Annnd -- I'm finished with the blue and orange 1780s gown. (Wait, what? Actually having something finished feels weird.)

I wandered around and did nothing for a good chunk of the day, but made and attached sleeve ruffle No. 2, hemmed the skirt, and finished the top edge of the bodice. Then I tried it all on, and decided it's Good Enough to just pin the bodice closed. I probably wouldn't if the blue silk were taffeta, as I'd be afraid of millions of pin holes, but the blue is shantung, so pins don't really mark it up.

Plus, sewing hooks and eyes is not fun, and should be avoided whenever possible!

I'm not 100% thrilled with the way the front of the bodice wrinkles, but I really think it's mostly because the shantung is so floppy, not because the fit is that crappy. (Note to self: shantung = interlining. For future reference.) I could put a cable tie in each of the front edges, but 1/ then I wouldn't be able to pin through them, and 2/ I still don't have any more cable ties.

Pictures (on Mabel) Monday, if not tomorrow!
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I've worked to closing the past two days, and we've been incredibly busy; today I was at the register from when I got in at 1 til my break a little before 5.30. I don't know what it is about Easter being imminent that compels people to spend money on costume jewelry, but whatever.

This doesn't make for a whole lot of sewing energy, of course! I did get the skirt sewn to the bodice of the orange and blue gown, so that's something. I'm counting on my three-day break from work to get a good chunk of sewing finished!

(And/or wander off and sit on the couch and watch telly...)


21 Apr 2011 01:25 am
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And now, a post that's actually about sewing! OMGZ! *falls over* I was off work today, and actually sat myself down and made me work on ONE thing, so there's a chance something might actually get FINISHED for Costume Con!

(And I'm basing it on this dress...just so anybody who wasn't around for the original post over a year ago doesn't think I'm completely bonkers for making a blue and orange dress and thinking a pink hat would look TOTALLY AWESOME with that!)

Wrinklies and strange hairdos... )
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First, thanks to those of you who answered my Costume Con question! :)

Second...Hah, I finally beat the bodice of the blue and orange 1780s gown into submission: it fits now! I ended up re-cutting the back pieces and the shoulder pieces, because I compared the ones from the first bodice to the pattern pieces...and I don't know what I was doing when I cut them out of the dress fabric. They were far too small, even accounting for maybe having used more seam allowance than I put on the pattern. The only thing I can come up with is that I was drunk off my ass when I cut those pieces, because they don't make sense to me sober!

(...I don't actually sew when drunk off my ass, promise!)

So I'm in the process of sewing the last few seams on the bodice, and hopefully 1/ I can finish doing that tonight, because time is not on my side (hurr, seewhatIdidthere), and 2/ it still fits when sewn together. You never know! I also cut and sewed the panels of orange taffeta for the skirt -- not by hand, unlike the bodice. The idea of sewing long skirt seams together by hand still fills me with dismay!
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Ehh, let's do the bad first. My suspicion that the bodice of the anglaise was too small was absolutely correct. I've got no idea how that happened, but oh well. Shit happens! Definitely salvageable - I'll make another piece to put in the side-back on each side, and that should fix the unfortunate armscye-tightness as well. If I didn't want to have had it finished for Sunday I'd go ahead and take it apart and fix it right now (well, not right now, it's 1.30am), because this hardly irks me at all. I'm feeling very placid about it actually. Odd. But I know there's no way to finish the hat and fix all this in the next 24 hours without driving myself completely over the edge. Plus it's supposed to be about a thousand degrees this weekend, so wearing my cotton polonaise might not be a bad thing!

So...I honestly don't know when I'll get back to fixing this and finishing it! I do think it's going to look great (orange and blue! SO AWESOME), but I have absolutely no reason whatsoever to finish it now. And I've got a yen to sew some modern-ish clothes for myself; I've got enough fabric for four (wow)1950s/60s dresses, and I should really get going on that before it's cold and I can't wear them! (Cold. Imagine that.)

The Bad, in (bad) pictorial form:

Gap! Uncool.

And the Good: Now I know I'll have time to finish the Pink Hat; I've got all day tomorrow! The Even Better: Got my wig today. And it is very, very awesome. Eeeeee! I got the Alonge wig from, teased it and hair-sprayed it a little, and it's perfect. Waaay over the top (I am going to get some odd looks on the train to Philly!) and ridiculous in the extreme, but perfect with the Hat. Which doesn't slide down any more, needless to say. =)

Hat is nearly sewn together, and hey, it looks like a hat now:

And I'm 99% sure I'm going to wear the block-print polonaise, not the gaulle, because 1/ the polonaise is cotton and the gaulle is silk (which is not what one might expect, come to think of it), and 2/ it actually will match the fabric of the dress. It's like I meant to do that.

Pink Hat

20 Jul 2010 11:47 pm
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No fun pictures today, mostly because it looks like I didn't do a damn thing to that hat! Well, hardly anything, anyway. And I put in a good two hours of basting and PINNING (endless, endless pinning) on the brim! Don't think I'll work on it any more tonight, since I can tell I'm getting sleepy-stupid early tonight...

And I did get some more of the bodice done in between class and work today. I've got a nagging suspicion I might have made it slightly too small, and I do not like this. Don't want to try it on til it's all hemmed, though - which might seem counter-intuitive, but 1/ the silk frays when I wrestle with the bodice, and 2/ I sure as hell am way too lazy to put the stays on at the moment.
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(First, I need to note that my 14-year-old sister does not know what band Mick Jagger is in. Clearly I have been failing in my attempt to influence her to listen to music made by people who do not use Auto-Tune.)

I've got one-and-a-half more seams to sew on the bodice - I can finish them tonight no problem if I don't get distracted by the guitar. And LiveJournal. Plus my fingers needed a little break from's only silk taffeta, but it's tightly woven, and the layers of that, the layer of shantung for the zone, and the lining do add up! (Or I've got wimpy fingers, suddenly.)

Edit: Ahh, I can't believe I forgot to order the wig for our Old City tour for, um, next Sunday, until now. Derp derp. Well, it's ordered now, and will hopefully get here in time! My own hair is really just not sufficient for proper Big 1780s Hair.
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The bodice pieces are all cut out (and the sleeves! I still can't get over that) and pinned together, and the blue zone front pieces are basted to the lining. (Yeah, I took a nap today after work. I came home with every intention of working on the bodice, and crashed instead. Oh well.) It's still progress! I don't have much to do this weekend, so hopefully I can get a lot of sewing done. At the very least I need to get the bodice and sleeves done.

And I'm hand-sewing the bodice, because that's just what I do with 18hc stuff, generally. I'll machine-sew the long seams on the skirt, but the rest of it will be hand-sewn. I like hand-sewing! Really.

Am still waiting for my buckram and feathers (AND MY PSYCHOLOGY TEXTBOOK, COME ON NOW PEOPLE), but seeing as I ordered them like two days ago (not the psych textbook, which is why there is capslock), that's not exactly surprising! The feathers have been shipped, so that's good. As long as it's all here by Wednesday, I should be okay.

Off to watch Shine A Light (I kinda need to stop indulging my voracious appetite for music-ish things from Amazon...BUT IT WAS CHEAP) and hand-sew!
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Well, first of all, I got my order. I love them, they ship so quickly! I was a little afraid the two blues might not go together, but, oh, they do. And I can't wait til I get the linen so I can make the bodiced petticoat and get going on this frock! I loooooove the silk. It's shiny and changeable blue/green (I've got a thing for changeable silks, I know) and pretty and SQUEE! The weave's pretty slubby, which is the only thing I don't love about it, but it's gorgeous otherwise, so whatever. The flash makes it look a little greener than it is.

Oh yeah, the voile's nice too.

And we got out of class early today, since we had a test and could leave when it was done. I was determined to get out of there quickly so I could get home and drape the bodice for the blue and orange anglaise, which I really need to get my butt in gear on if I'm going to wear it on the 25th. (Not to mention the hat.)

So I actually did drape the bodice tonight, amazingly. And the sleeves, too. (I know.) I'll try to get the pieces cut out tonight as well, but I wanted to go on here first and show off the pretty silk.

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