1 Jun 2017

mandie_rw: (drunk cat)
Since I really couldn't stop thinking about Stray Kitty, that I saw over the weekend and apparently instantly bonded with, I tootled over yesterday and stole him. He was so friendly and obviously had been someone's pet at some point, not a feral, that I just couldn't stand the thought of him getting run over, or poisoned, or any of the other horrible things that can happen to a stray! So I got a box and a can of cat food, and caught me a cat.
back of black and white cat's head
He absolutely refused to stay still for a nice commemorative portrait while getting scritches, But I promise he was very handsome!

We had a lovely adventure on the drive home, in which he clawed his way out of the box, freaked the F out for about two minutes, sat next to me and hyperventilated for a while, then climbed into the back seat, hid on the floor, and pooped. Good times. I took him to my county's shelter initially, but since I found him outside of the county I had to take him to the next shelter over. Grumble grumble. At least they put him in a carrier for me! I should've lied but I wasn't that quick on the uptake when they asked. :P Especially since my county's shelter is no-kill, and the one I took him to isn't. Someone reassure me that a handsome gregarious cat will get adopted quickly (even if you're lying)! *wails* Obviously we bonded quickly...if our apartment wasn't strictly no-pets I'd have kept him in a second! I'm such a crazy cat lady...

In other news: class seems to have a reasonable amount of work to do, and I think I'll probably be able to still get in an hour or two of sewing most days. (Unless I'm out catnapping, of course.)

I have serious doubts about getting the new dress for Reading finished, since I'll be out all day/working Saturday, but it's okay. It's looking like we very well may get rained out for the air show, and if so we're just going to hit up the Philly art museum instead (the main building was finished in 1928 so it's very appropriate for "vintage" outings), and then I don't really have to worry about passing for strictly early-40s. ;)


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