25 Feb 2017

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I did get the shift cut out today - positively thrilling let me tell you. Photographic evidence of that in-progress:
pieces of white linen laid out on floor
I very briefly considered cutting the linen to a more period width - and then said, haha, no. So I used the linen folded in half for my shift width, and then pieced in the sleeves to a bit longer. (Hadn't done that yet here.) The short-but-not-really-short sleeve of the late 18thc  is my favorite, as m shifts tend to get worn with a lot of eras, and mid-bicep length can be worn with most things!

Also sewed one line of stitching along the CF/CB edges of the stays, just for fun, and to get a sense of how long it's going to take me to sew all these boning channels (a long time). And a very underwhelming pic of a front piece before I did that, just so you can see how pink it is (very pink).
inside of pink linen stays cutout


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