16 Feb 2017

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If I finish this last repeat tonight, I'll have met my goal and I can take tomorrow off! Come on, self! *drags feet*

I did have a copy of The Handmaid's Tale put on hold for me at the library, so it's very possible I'll swing by there tomorrow and spend the day reading, instead. Been meaning to read that for quite a while and now that they've made a show out of it, I really want to make sure I read the book first. (I'm one of those people, yes.)

Or I could finish up the walrus skirt that's still sitting around, and a pink linen skirt I unearthed today...I felt motivated to go through my bag of modern UFOs, and wow. Clearly I hadn't done THAT in a while. I am very much one to Save All The Things, but sometimes you just need to cut your losses and chuck things. The pink linen skirt was part of a dress that that weight of linen would have been wildly inappropriate for. There were also THREE cut-out dresses that I mercifully ran out of muslin to line and always meant to go back to; they were all super shiny fake-o "silk" sari fabric that I guess I didn't know any better? Or didn't care? Either way, they all went bye-bye. Really quite tragic. xD

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