27 Jan 2017


27 Jan 2017 11:38 pm
mandie_rw: (Default)
Done at long last! So...at least I'll have underwear to skate in, if I finish nothing else?

I ended up hand-sewing the ruffle on. I used the gather-over-a-cord method, which ended up being bulky enough that it really wasn't too excited about getting wedged under my machine's presser foot, so it was really the path of least resistance to just whip it on by hand.

Far too lazy to take any real pictures of it tonight, but here's me wearing it over sweatpants and fuzzy socks with my feet on the table. Since that's how I roll. Still wearing it as I type this.
petticoat on a very lazy person
I did try the skirt on over it, and yes, the damn ruffle was worth suffering through. There's a reason a large majority of petticoats in adverts from the period have ruffles. It makes the skirt look so much better! I hate you still, ruffle. I hate you.

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