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Ah well. Most people decided the weather forecast's just too iffy to brave an all-day outdoor event tomorrow, and I can't say I blame them. I wouldn't want to drag my silk damask all round in the Faire mud even if I had finished it!

I admit I spent most of the day fixing the sleeves on the dodgy green 16thc jacket (which is now considerably less dodgy. I hope) with the intention of finishing it up tonight and wearing it tomorrow, but that really needed to be done anyway, so I don't mind. Will make an effort to actually finish it, sans trim, before I put it away again. Mostly because there are still a lot of pins in it, and I may need those...
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The more I look at the pictures[ profile] madamekattook, the more annoyed I get at myself for being such a procrastinator and turning out something so crappy! Things That Are Wrong: This is a late-century jacket, so my French hood is at least sixty years out of date (yes I know they were still worn into the 1590s, but not quite the style I've got on, which is very flat and early), I'm wearing my low-necked 18thc shift because I didn't finish the high-necked smock, there's no trim on my jacket (and I wanted there to be!), and I didn't put on the little shoulder bits (because I did put trim on them, and figured only having trim on the shoulders would look Stupid).

For the next wearing...?

'Course, don't know when I'll actually bother to finish the smock, trim the jacket/fix the sleeves/put on the shoulder bits, and make a coif, because there were Many Wicked Plans bandied about for faire next year, and none of them involve this jacket!

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So...I think I should probably stop looking at pictures of the jacket, get over myself, and figure out what to work on next! Preferably PRIOR to the week of the event.
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At least, that's what we're calling it for now. It has sleeves and is wearable, so that's something,

Jacket Brigade, I'll fight all of you for the title of Worst Sleeves Ever! We can duel it out tomorrow.
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Haven't sewn nearly as much of the jacket as I should have today...I think I'm slowing down! I've got a good few hours left to work on it tonight, but there's no way I'll get any trim on it, or get to either the coif or finish the smock, since I'm working tomorrow and Saturdays really tire me out. Oh well! At least I won't be nekkid!
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I am sewing, I promise! I just couldn't bring myself to sew the jacket on the machine, when I brought the pieces out last night (had a nasty headache Monday night, & didn't sew anything). I mean, I was going to finish all the inside seams by hand anyway,'s really not adding much more construction time onto it!

Not bothering with construction pictures for this, because I am lazy and it is a jacket. Also because I'm sewing it The 18th Century Way, which is pretty much totally wrong, but I'm comfortable with that so it goes pretty there. The gussets are sewn in both sides, and one front piece is attached to the back, and as soon as I get off here I'm going to go put the rest of it together. Sans sleeves.

Still not sure how close to actually finished this whole thing is going to be for Sunday, but as long as the jacket itself is done, I'm fine. I can fudge the coif with a tucked-under 18thc cap and I can fudge the smock with an 18thc shift if I have to. And I have Friday off, so I'm not worried about being at least presentable on Sunday!

And the jacket was going to be pinned shut anyway!
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Sewing: I did get the jacket cut out, of the green linen and the dark green wool (sorry, medieval dress! You are no more), ironed the pieces and pinned them together. Tonight I'm not sewing a damn thing because I'm tired! I didn't get lunch today (nobody gets lunch on Saturdays in October there!) Too many people), so I didn't get to eat until about 5.30, and then I went to a free broadcast of the Opera Company of Philadelphia's La boheme on Independence Mall with my mum. It was fantastic, but, you know, it's on the Mall, you sit on the ground for two-and-a-half hours! On a blanket, but still. Also, cold.

So I'm tired!

And then I'm getting up early tomorrow to go pick up some kind of food for the Rockwood museum outing tomorrow - whatever catches my eye, some kind of baked goods probably.

It'll just be more of the boring striped bustle dress (totally unseasonable for the weather, but my options are kind of limited. To the one dress), so don't expect any kind of exciting writeup!
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First things first...[ profile] theladyrebeccagave me the Liebster Blog award!
I don't really know what it means other than someone likes to read my journal(No, I get it, thanks, I took German a decade ago), but that's good, so hooray for that! (And it's even some onewho's never met me so she doesn't even know how incredibly awesome I can be in person. *snort* Maybe that is why she nominated me, heh heh heh.) This award has strings attached, as most things do - The Rules:
1. Add the award icon to your blog!
2. Link to your nominator to say “thank you“
3. Nominate 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.

The first one would be a hell of a lot easier if LJ would actually cooperate with the uploading of pictures. I would send somebody nasty letters but I suspect it would be futile. On to Some Of the People Whose Journals I Like to Read (who don't need to feel obligated to pass it on. Just take it as an "I think you're cool. Also, your journal came up first in the alphabetical list on my profile that I totally did not consult while writing this").
[ profile] bellamissella
[ profile] blackcat452
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[ profile] frau_elsebeth
[ profile] hiraimi

And now a brief report on sewing progress: Despite the toasted fingers, I did get the muslin for the green jacket draped and fitted last night. Well, sans sleeves, but I always wait to do the sleeves! I worked nine-and-a-half hours today so I don't expect to get a whole lot done after I get off here, but I would like to get the pieces cut out, at least. Mmm, yeah, we'll see.

It was absurdly easy to fit - what I draped on Mabel fit me just about exactly. Which I am always suspicious of. I'm not that good! SUSPICIOUS.
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So I decided not to spend this week scrambling to make a new bustle dress because I wanted to make sure I had time for the Ren Faire outfit - and I can't go, because they need me to work on the 13th!


Well, I didn't need to spend that money anyway...right??

And this was already the year of unfinished costumes, so hey, why not this one too? It already lived in the unfinished bin for near a year, what's a year more?
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RE: the 16thc jacket...I've started to wonder whether it would not be smarter to make it out of wool? You know...October. Potential cold. That kind of thing. I'm pretty attached to the shade of green of my linen that I was going to use, but I wouldn't mind it out of some forest-green wool I've got either.

Only down side to using that green wool is that, well, it's already in a dress. My green medival dress, to be exact.

On the one hand, I do like this dress. It's comfy (yeah, ya think? IT'S NOT FITTED) and drapey and wicked fun to swan around in. That train! On the other hand, I'm not super-super attached to it, it's not a very exciting dress, and I made it four years ago and have worn it a grand total of twice. There's just no reason for me to do medieval!

There would be a few other options for jacket-fabric in the stash, except I really want the green & orange color scheme! So it's either sacrifice the medieval dress and have nice warm wool, or save the dress and have my ideal color scheme, but possibly (probably?) be cold.

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I.e., finished. I thought it was finished after I hemmed it last night, but decided it needed to go up another 1/4". So I did that tonight (along with sewing approximately three inches of the shift), and, done!

And I only ironed it very halfheartedly, as you can tell! I'll have to iron it again anyway the day before faire, why bother now...

Looks pretty much like you'd expect an orange silk taffeta petticoat to look, no? (And note the very 16thc appropriate Small Faces t-shirt.)

I got more of my fabric fun today (not the duck I need for new effigy stays, naturally); white linen for the shift, and the red silk for the Titanic exhibit dress, which I'll post more about my plans for tomorrow.

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