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I fiiinally unearthed my Kannik's Korner cap pattern (*sneezes* oh is that what was at the bottom of that pile? ha ha oops), so I cut out the last cap I decided I want to make and started in on the hemming. And then realized I've gotten to the point where I've worn a bit of a hole in my finger from pushing the needle through, so maybe I should give the incessant hand sewing a rest for  a day or two! Hum, all right.

So I dug out a couple more old costumes that are getting the axe (aka listed on ebay), ironed them, took pics, and messaged the lady who bought my bird print dress and indicated potential interest if I sold any more 18thc things. If she doesn't want them I'll write up the listings tomorrow.

And then I spent an hour + of my life learning how to make good decisions about alcohol use as a college student. LOL. You know, one of those online orientation courses for new students. It was actually a decent one, as those types of things go...except that, you know, I'm almost 30 and if I want to get drunk in costume, I'm damn well going to. xD (Shockingly, that wasn't an option on the "describe how you use alcohol" survey, hee hee.)

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Date: 8/25/17 12:42 pm (UTC)
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I'm almost 30 and if I want to get drunk in costume, I'm damn well going to.

You GO girl!

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Date: 8/25/17 01:01 pm (UTC)
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Getting drunk in costume should TOTALLY be an option! I mean...what do other people do with alcohol???

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Date: 8/25/17 05:41 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] miss_philomena
i thought drinking in costume was required

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