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I had to take today off work, since I was scheduled for jury duty, but ended up not having to go I was free to watch the solar eclipse! We only got somewhere between 75-80% here, not totality (because apparently Philadelphia is anathema to the solar eclipse gods for whatever reason, woe is me), but we had glasses and it was still pretty cool to watch!

Yesterday was a highly successful sewing day at [personal profile] robinsnest 's house...well, successful in terms of spending time with a group of good friends, chatting costume, and laughing myself silly! Actual sewing? I sewed the two side seams of the Ugly Bedgown in 6+ hours of sewing time! Not what I'd call efficient.

Today though, I was slightly better! I finished the Ugly Bedgown (yes, it is covered in fuzzies and dog hair; no, I don't own a dog...), for one.
navy wool bedgown


I also got my petticoat linen in the mail this afternoon, and shocked myself by promptly throwing it in the washer and dryer. And then sewing together just about the whole petticoat! Just have to finish sewing the tape to the front half of the waistband and it's done.
bedgown with orange linen
It's somewhat less "happy pumpkin" and more "rust" in real life...

I ought to get back to the rational dress outfit, but I'm really enjoying my hand sewing! So I might finish up the accessory-type things (apron, one or two more experimental caps) before I do that.

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Date: 8/27/17 09:48 pm (UTC)
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"happy pumpkin" needs to be an official color omg

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