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I did get the short skirt for the rational dress hemmed yesterday, but not the trousers, oops. Today was intended to be Bedgown Prep Day though, so I did that anyway. It is indeed prepped! I basically looked at the one in Costume Close-Up and drew out a similar shape right on the fabric, to measurements that seemed reasonable.
bedgown pattern
The only real difference was to make it proportionately longer (closer to the knee than hip), and taper the sleeves a bit toward the cuff. Other than's basically a T-tunic, how much variation can there be, right?
bedgown cut iut
Since a navy wool bedgown is pretty much the most boring garment imaginable, I decided to make the lining a little more interesting to keep myself from falling asleep while sewing it. I put the lining together entirely from bits of linen (and a couple cotton) from the scrap bin. I think it ended up being 18 different pieces? So that did make it a little more fun. ;)
bedgown lining in progress
It also meant that it took most of the afternoon and evening to put together, but hey. I did make sure to put the same fabric on the ends of the sleeves so I can cuff them up if I want without looking stupid! The actual construction sewing will probably take less than half the time the piecing did, but I am amused, so I deem it a win. And now I can call it my Amazing Technicolor Bedgown (even though it's just white and red and blue and tan, but...artistic license).

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Date: 8/24/17 01:51 am (UTC)
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Can I just say that I'm highly amused that you decided to piece your lining like that?

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Date: 8/24/17 12:20 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] brickhousewench
Oh honey, we ALL have too many scraps.

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