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I bought one more attempt at navy flannel for the bathing costume, since the FFC wool sale goes through tonight...and if it shows up and is also not flannel/ too heavyweight, I will give up my somewhat ridiculous quest and use the backup fabric I also bought! (Needed a certain amount to get free shipping, as usual, so...might as well. And if all other use fails, well, I do need to step up my school-appropriate wardrobe sewing and I'm attempting to transfer my natural-fibre-snobbery to my everyday wardrobe as well as my costumes, so I can use it for that.)

In sewing news, I finished the long skirt apart from fastenings and the pocket that I just now remembered that I forgot! I have a tendency to make skirts a titch too short, so I made this one longer...unsurprisingly it's now a titch too long. Typical. It's quite floor-length, which I don't love, personally. Not long enough that I want to take off the binding and shorten it, though, so I'll just have to hoik my skirt when I walk. ;)

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