28 Jul 2017


28 Jul 2017 11:38 pm
mandie_rw: (1860ssunset)
I woke up with just a bit of a headache today - not terrible, but it did make me feel slightly too stupid for bodice mockups, so I worked on the skirts for the rational dress instead. The fabric's just a plain windowpane check so as long as I made sure the right color ran the right way, I couldn't really screw it up!

Got the short skirt all finished (I even set a pocket into the side seam and I really hate doing set-in pockets) except for fastenings and the hem, as I want to wait til I have the trousers and bodice to see if I want it any shorter (it's a couple inches below-the-knee now). The hoop-length skirt is seamed together, and the facing is about 2/3 tacked on. I want to finish that tonight, but a lap-ful of medium-weight wool was making me too hot! So I thought I'd take a DW and ice cream break for a few minutes. ;)

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