27 Nov 2014

mandie_rw: (rose1950s)
While things are cooking and people are not here yet, thankfully (what am I thankful for!)...

I finished it in good time for Thanksgiving! And I think it's rather cute. Made from Simplicity 1284 (modern reprint of a 1960s pattern), and nice and easy to put together (though it would have been much quicker if I didn't finish all the seams!).

You may notice it is on a hanger and not on me, which is because it does not in fact fit. My ass does not fit into this dress. Well, technically it's my hips, but as my ass is at the same point, I find it more entertaining to say that instead. And technically it is wearable, but scrunches up in a most uncomfortable and unattractive manner. I'm going to actually have to start accounting for hip when I cut commercial patterns, since it now appears that is three sizes away from my bust. This was definitely not a problem a few years ago...I must be getting fat in my old age. *snort*

(No, I know, it's my body going all, Hey! let's have kids! We are so prepared for this! and me giving it the super side-eye and saying, uh, you are completely barking up the wrong tree there...)

Anyway, I still think it's cute! Though I do not feel inclined to get more fabric and try it again at the moment. Add it to my pile of "things I ought to sell off at some point." It's fairly well-constructed for me (linings! finished seams! hems faced in ribbon!), so I don't feel bad if I consider doing so. My historic stuff on the other hand...so jacked up.

Buttons on the back, since I didn't have a zipper as intended, which led to some weird plain-cotton-facing-finagling to get said buttons on.

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