28 Sep 2014

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Yaaaaawn. Two weeks. It would be easier if Every. Single. Thing. on this dress didn't fight me every step of the way! It's extremely tiring. I'm already quite sure it won't be finished-finished for ren faire, and now I'm frankly not sure if it'll even be wearable-finished! If it's not, I'm really not that torn up about it; I've been kicking around the idea of entering it in the YWU competition, just to have a deadline to finish up all the bits and pieces. It does fit the "Stepped Out of A Portrait" theme. ;) I'm not usually all that into competitions, but, like I said...another deadline.

What's the problem now? Sleeves. Big surprise, eh what? I can get the mockups to fit fine, but it's the problem inherent in having two nearly-off-the-shoulder garments on top of each other - the gown sleeve moves out past the edge of the kirtle strap, and you can see white shift. Not a problem if I stand still and don't move my arms...which I guess isn't an issue when just posing for a portrait. :P

Anyway, here's some kirtle pictures, which were taken after a lot of YANKING and PINNING and SWEARING at the gown bodice and sleeves, so.
Extremely forced smile! )

I think I'm going to check and see if my Venetian gown still fits. Y'know...just in case...
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Hot damn, the Venetian dress still fits! I'll be damned, I really didn't think it would. (Made it eight years ago, yo!) It has really silly things wrong with it, but considering I didn't know what the eff I was doing when I made it (I say this like I do now. HAH), it's pretty okay. Not embarrassed-to-be-seen-in-it, at any rate. Really really wrinkly, with a filthy hem, and needs a few small things fixed, but hey! And the K Parr shift fits under it, and makes verreh nice sleeve puffies. Which is good, because the camicia-made-from-a-sheet long ago got grotty and subsequently chucked.

The veil and partlet are yet to be unearthed, but I'll keep digging. (It's a polyester chiffon veil! With a machine sewn hem! *howls* Yeah, I'll wear it.)

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