12 Sep 2014

mandie_rw: (katherine parr)
Still ignoring the farthingale problem. Can't make me work on it! :P I will very likely ignore it until I can't get any further on the outfit without fixing it. Finshed sewing all the sparkly bits, pearls, and trim to the right foresleeve, and started on the left.

While watching Game of Thrones. I'm always the last one to the party with these kinds of things, I swear. Just yesterday I swore I was enjoying it, but wasn't obsessed with it...and today at work, somehow all I could think about was making a dress from it! Oops. (Don't worry, not til after K Parr's done.) I love all the King's Landing dresses I've seen made on here and elsewhere, they're beautiful, but I think I want a dress from the North. Much duller colors and rougher materials, but, I dunno, right now they call to me! I like the cold, what can I say.

I'm still only on Season 1, so I reserve the right to change my mind if I fall in love with another gown somewhere down the line. But a Winterfell dress would be very convenient, as I have almost all the materials for one - wool, linen, and more wool! Just maybe some darker fur for the cloak. And the timing would be good, to have it made in time for the snow, to take pretty pictures! So...stay tuned for some Game of Thrones costuming in mid-October. :D

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