1 Sep 2014

mandie_rw: (katherine parr)
And- the forepart is finished, woo hoo! You can see the non-matching reds in all their glory. Heh.

And here's the back of it, if you wanted to know how horrible and thread-filled it was.

I backed the damask with a lightweight linen, just to give it a wee bit more stability when sewing over 300 pearl beads to it. That got covered up with the lining proper, a white linen-cotton blend.

I also sewed the forepart to the other skirt panels (it actually looks like a skirt now?! YAY), and started binding the hem, with a strip of also-not-matching-red woolen fabric. The portrait gown/kirtle don't have guards on their hems, but the portrait gown was also not intended to be worn to the dust-filled PA Ren Faire. As far as I know. Guards were a very common hem treatment, so I'm not bothered. And it's such a nice, neat, easy way to hem something!

After I finish binding the hem, I think I'll actually have to go back and take that slice out of the kirtle bodice back, which I have been successfully avoiding for weeks.

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