31 Aug 2014

mandie_rw: (katherine parr)
I have been sewing the last two days, just not for me. As I've mentioned before, I dislike alterations intensely, but I like when people will pay me for stupid little things like sewing on a button (you can't sew your own button? Really??), and I don't make enough money to say no!

But today I got a bit of sewing time to myself, and managed to finish covering up the colored bits of the sari trim. The difference in golds is a little less terrible in real life...

See, purple and green! Not working for me! Let's cover it up with spangles and braid!

Doesn't look great up close, but I think it'll make for a decent enough overall effect. (And for the trim on the lower sleeves, I'm not going to use the widest part of the trim, just the narrow flowered bits, so I won't have to cover anything up there.)

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