22 Jul 2014

mandie_rw: (katherine parr)
That was fun. :P Sewed all the wire into the separate brim today. I discovered it doesn't, uh, quite perfectly match up with the coif brim, but with a little futzing it works. I pinned them together and tried it on - and had an "oh shit" moment when the ear flappy bits insisted on sticking practically straight out away from my face. Not exactly the look I was going for...but I bent it around a bit, and I'm pretty sure it'll be fine, especially after it gets weighted down a little with bling!

Here's the wired brim mid-stitching. The wire was very bendy-wendy and enthusiastic about being everywhere except where I wanted it to be. It's just a light gauge (which one? umm) brass jewelry wire, doubled. I also cut a length of gold organza and started hemming it, for the pleats at the front. It's a little silly I had to get an entire yard of organza for a 1.5" strip for my coif...

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