2 Jul 2014

mandie_rw: (katherine parr)
I cut out all the pieces for the kirtle bodice today - top layer navy silk, two interlining layers of heavyweight natural linen, and a lining layer of medium weight natural linen. The lining will go in after the boning channels are sewn. (No real reason, and it's rather 18thc of me, but hey, I do what I want.) I pinned the heck out of those three layers:

There's quite a bit of seam allowance added to those side-back seams, where the lacing will go - it's so I can put a line of reed right up to the edge, and use the seam allowance as a facing. As a side note, I could have put the lacing at CB, which I find easier to put on by myself...but I really wanted to be able to have an unbroken line of trim all the way around the neckline.

The wrong side of the bodice, with that seam allowance!

I also sewed about 2/3 of a casing onto the farthingale - but it's something I'd rather do in daylight if at all possible. Black thread on black velveteen...fun.

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