18 Jun 2014

mandie_rw: (katherine parr)
I've been poking along with the smock for Katherine Parr, but it gets boring pretty quickly, so I decided to switch it up today, and tackle Math to cut out my farthingale pieces. Math is hard, yo. It really did take me forever, though it went more quickly once I stopped adding the wrong numbers together. Ah, geometry.

I used the Alcega pattern, with help from an article by Julia Barrett on Your Wardrobe Unlock'd (her articles are going to be incredibly helpful as I make this outfit!). I bought a piece of Joann's red cotton sateen when it was on sale - the biggest piece we had was just under 2 yards, but I was very set on having a Bright Red farthingale! Those of you more familiar with J sateen will know that the sateen is actually, um, stretch. 97% cotton I think. But I wanted a fancy bright red farthingale! I would have just used silk buuuut I didn't have any, and cotton sateen was a lot cheaper than silk. So I'm pretending it's not stretch, and flatlining it with muslin to help with that pretense.

And yes, I did manage to get the farthingale cut out of one yard and thirty-four inches...though to be totally honest I did have to piece in a couple inches to the top of the back gores. Still not bad.

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