4 Jun 2014

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Just yoinked a few shots from [livejournal.com profile] quincy134 and [livejournal.com profile] isabelladangelo for posterity, since, as I said, I forgot my camera...and I have a dumb phone that doesn't take good pictures, since I still live in the Dark Ages of cellphone technology!

As also previously mentioned, that collar is just wack. Unacceptably so, and I'm going to take it off before I wear the spencer again (famous last words). Other than that, though, it was pretty decent, although wrinkly back is wrinkly. Ugh, linen, whatever. Nice and lightweight though...summer spencers are a Good Idea! And I liked the bonnet...though I think I had an errant bobby pin or something, since the back of my head looked decidedly pointy! A little too perky, if you know what I mean. There's a reason I didn't steal any profile shots...

Outfit shenanigans aside, it was great fun, beautiful weather, and great to meet some new people!

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Today I sewed Jessica's bonnet til it started making me mad (it's at the stage where there are pins sticking out of it every which way; too many pin-stabs and I get cranky), whereupon I dug through the stash in search of suitable linen for Katherine Parr's smock. Got to start somewhere, right?

It actually turned out to be several pieces of suitable linens...I have a bunch of small-ish pieces in the stash that are leftovers from other projects, and I'm going to piece them together for the smock - something I wouldn't want to do for something that will actually be seen. This is a smock, who cares. Piecing is period! I don't know if the Queen would have had her smocks pieced...but this time she's going to. ;) I'm feeling very stingy with my white linen, as my stash of it is dwindling. So a pieced smock it is!

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