30 May 2014

mandie_rw: (regency winter)
The booties are fully painted, mostly satisfactorily. You can still see a shadow of the original design at a certain angle, but I suspect if I put any more paint on these bastards, they'll start getting stiff, and we don't want that. They do look rather painted (well, they are), and I'm not terribly impressed with them, really...but they're perfectly adequate and eminently wearable, anyway!

My bonnet, proper, was finished this afternoon, and I need to trim it tonight so I can work on the spencer tomorrow! That means I have to finish hemming this horrible endless strip of silk shantung that I'm using because I'm too cheap to buy actual ribbon. Plus I can get much more varied colors and widths when I use silk scraps...but wow, the actual hemming is annoying! This "ribbon" will probably be the extent of my trimmings, as it's a rather brightly-colored bonnet, plus it's early Regency so it doesn't need loads of frou-frou. Maybe a couple of little flowers. We'll see how I feel about it when I'm cross-eyed and judgement-impaired at 2am.

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