18 May 2014

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I did take a lot of pictures, but 95% of them are rubbish, so I'll wait to do a real recap til others have posted theirs and I can steal them! Also, the only pictures I got of me were a very few taken across the reflecting pool, and I'm making a truly idiotic face in all of them. So I'm thinking you may not in fact get any good pictures of my outfit this time! If none turn up I'll have to get trussed up and do a photoshoot in a park, grumble grumble, since I don't know when I'll have another chance to wear it.

The exhibit was really enjoyable, and well put-together I thought. I may as well post a couple of exhibit photos now, since I do have those! Although they're not very good either...

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I was going to take the day off sewing and just loll in sweatpants...but last night I started thinking about what I want to wear to the Riversdale House outing on June 1, and, well, my brain was off and running!

I need a new Regency dress for this event like I need a hole in the head (though of course I have materials for at least two or three more)! The evnt's pretty soon though, so I'm trying to be sensible. I've only worn the Lizzie Bennet dress once, so I think I'll wear that again - it's a good warm-weather dress. I found I really appreciated being covered up in the sun at Winterthur yesterday, so I want to make a nice lightweight summer spencer.

I have some lightweight pale blue linen, so I cut the basic pieces out today and started sewing them together. As per usual, I'm basing it on my pompom spencer pattern. I'll have to mock up a collar and sleeves since I want to tweak them a bit, but nothing major so it shouldn't take long.

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